Wasteland – Starring Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau

Wasteland may be the must-see porn film of 2012

Wasteland - Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau

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Wasteland is a porn film that I’ve been eagerly awaiting since it was announced back in April.  Written and directed by Graham Travis (Portrait of a Call Girl), Wasteland stars Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter in an emotionally intense and heavily erotic story about two high school friends who’ve been reunited for one crazy night in Los Angeles.  The movie was shot completely in 1080p HD resolution and comes in a 2 disk collectors set.  Based on the trailer, and on Graham Travis’s previous work on the award winning Portrait of a Call Girl, expectations are incredibly high for Wasteland to be one of the most acclaimed porn films of 2012.

To watch the full, mostly SFW trailer for Wasteland, click HERE.  So, as you can see from that preview, Wasteland isn’t your typical porn movie.  It has decent acting, a plot, attention to things like cinematography and character development, etc.  Additionally, did I mention that Wasteland stars both Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau?  Individually, each of these two women represent some of the most talented and popular starlets currently working in the adult entertainment business.  Put them together in a high-quality production like Wasteland and you’ve got something very special.

In an interview given over at XBIZ.com, director Graham Travis offered some insight into Wasteland.  Asked to summarize what the film is about, here’s what he had to say…

“Wasteland” is a story about two very close childhood friends who haven’t seen in each other in a few years and spend one crazy, emotional, and adventurous night together. They’ve drifted in different directions, and become different people, and yet, in a very short space of time they reconnect in a powerful way. One of the characters is romantic, and the other is more cynical. In reconnecting to each other they reconnect with themselves and that inspires the journey they take together throughout the night.

The movie was actually inspired by a trip home I made to London. I was thinking a lot about the place I grew up and what had happened to a lot of the friends I had in that neighborhood. So I started to attempt to write a mainstream script that was more like a thriller about a guy running into an old pal, having some crazy times, while some darker secrets emerge along the way. But, that script didn’t go anywhere at all, even though I liked the story. I write plot driven stuff especially badly, and so I decided to eliminate all the thriller elements, and just focus on an emotional journey between the two characters. At that point I really found something I wanted to say, and then everyone who read the script seemed to like it. That was how it all came about.

Wasteland - Hardcore Screenshot

Travis was then asked to talk a bit about the gang bang scene in Wasteland.  By all accounts (I have yet to see the film), this is an incredibly intense, hardcore sex scene and one that’s been getting quite a bit of attention since Elegant Angel released screenshots.  Here is how he described it…

It’s a pivotal moment in the movie, where the characters are completely letting themselves go. The chemistry between the performers was electric. Lily and Lily were insatiable and the four Euro guys were amazing. I haven’t shot that many scenes, but that’s probably the best. Lily Carter wasn’t even supposed to do anal in the scene and she ended up doing a DP.

Wasteland is on sale as of today from Elegant Angel.  For the very latest porn news and reviews, keep it tuned to this website.  In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on this new film in the comments below.