Tanya Tate Exclusive Interview

Pornstar Tanya Tate talks Emma Frost and cosplay

Tanya Tate Interview

Tanya Tate is currently one of the most popular pornstars in the adult entertainment industry.  While many of you are probably very familiar with her work in porn, it may come as a surprise to some of you that Tanya is also something of a geek.  In addition to running her own adult themed website, Tanya Tate also maintains a “Superhero Cosplay Blog”, frequently takes to Youtube to review new comic books, and can often be found cosplaying at major comic conventions.  I recently had the opportunity to ask Tanya some questions.  Here’s how that went…

You’ve earned a reputation as one of the most geek-friendly pornstars in the business through your cosplaying, attending major comic conventions, and your “Just A Lotta Tanya” blog.  When did you become interested in the comic book/geek scene?
I first fell in love with superheroes when I first watched Superman II at the movies and The Incredible Hulk series on television. It grew from there. I read UK comics when I was young, like The Dandy and The Beano, but that is my earliest memories of being fascinated by superheroes. There was always a passion for the genre but it wasn’t until I came to the US did I really become immersed in it. I knew about comic conventions but didn’t know how epic they some of them were until I happened to be San Diego the same time as SDCC in 2009. In 2010 I got myself a costume, suited up as Emma Frost and went to San Diego Comic Con.
Keeping with the geek theme, which comic character would you most want to play in either a mainstream Hollywood film or porn parody?
Emma Frost, of course. She is really my favourite character. She’s sexy as she is powerful. I love that she can read people’s minds. I would love to play her in a mainstream Hollywood movie. Obviously there is a lot one could do with that character in a porn parody as well. I mean she does run around in those outfits; white mini skirt, thigh high boots and a very small bustier top.
I understand your about to launch your feature dancing career over in London.  Is that something that you’ve been interested in doing for a while?  Any plans to bring the tour to the US?

I have been thinking about dancing for a while. I decided to launch it in my home country of the UK in the World Famous Spearmint Rhino. It was really nice to get to meet my UK fans and get even closer to them. I would love to do a US tour. So keep your eyes open – I may be in your town soon!

Tanya Tate
Congratulations on your two XBIZ Award nominations.  One of those nominations was for Best Supporting Actress for your role in Spartacus MMXII.  What was it like working on a film like that?
Spartacus was a whole lot of fun. I was in a number of scenes which involved 3 changes of dress and hair and makeup. I felt like a Roman princess after I was all made up by the stylists. The location was turned from a ranch into a Roman empire spectacular. The crew was amazing! It was a really long day but well worth it. I would love to be in a sequel where I am treated to a bevy of beauties. If I had to choose to play a character besides Ilythia it would be Queen Cersei in Game Of Thrones. Dangerously beautiful and very manipulative. I like having that bad side to me.
In addition to your featured dancing, you’re also expanding your career into directing films.  What’s been the biggest challenge for you in terms of transitioning from performer to director?
When you are performing you are obviously relying on direction from the director. When you are performing and directing, you have to have both thoughts in your mind. It is difficult to try to do this and a whole lot more on set. I always work with good professional people who I have solid relationships with and ask them for advice when I have questions. I just finished my 4th movie for Filly Films and I have also directed for Penthouse. My first movie Tanya Tate The MILF Masseuse received an AVN nomination for Best Older / Younger Girl Release. That was exciting and very rewarding to know that my work as directing as well as performing has been recognized.
Obviously, 2012 has been a really awesome year for you.  What can we expect from Tanya Tate in 2013?
Wow it really has. I have received nominations and awards including SHAFTA, Xbiz and AVN. For 2012 I have been performer, webmaster of TanyaTate.com, director, cosplayer JustaLottaTanya.com and now publicist. I enjoy what I do and for sure will keep doing that. I will continue my cosplay adventures. I do want to spend a little extra time concentrating on directing and also my publicity company Star Factory PR. I want to help other talent to build on their brand.