Help Support “Staying Power” Documentary

Staying Power Documentary

Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry is the brainchild of director Brandon Longwood.  Like many aspiring film makers, Mr. Longwood is looking to the Internet to help raise the funds needed to complete his project.  However, unlike most other film makers, Brandon Longwood is working on a documentary about the porn industry.  What makes Staying Power even more special is the perspective that the film brings to the subject.  Far from an outsider looking in at something that’s beyond his understanding, Brandon Longwood is a professional adult entertainment director and performer.

As I mentioned above, in order to make Staying Power a reality, director Brandon Longwood needs our help.  He’s looking to raise $90,000 to help fund the costs associated with producing and distributing the film.  To that end, he’s setup a campaign over on IndieGoGo and is offering all sorts of incentives to entice people to donate to his cause.  And please don’t think that this is going to be some form of mindless smut.  Far from it, actually.  Mr. Longwood’s documentary seeks to make one of the more intelligent arguments in support of the economic and social value derived from the porn industry.

To give us a better idea of exactly what he’s trying to accomplish with Staying Power, Longwood has created the following video, which provides a detailed explanation about the project.  Take a look…

As of this writing, Staying Power is far from reaching it’s $90,000 goal.  Very far, actually.  To date, the campaign has raised a grand total of $180.  However, with there’s still several days left (49 as of right 4/24/12) and reaching, and even surpassing the fundraising goal is still entirely possible.  As someone who would like to see Staying Power succeed, I’ll be donating $10 to the cause as soon as I’m done writing up this post.  I encourage each of you to do the same, donating whatever you can spare.  The way I see it, with scumbags like Rick Santorum and countless others out there waging war against the porn industry, supporting a documentary like Staying Power is my way of fighting back.  There are many people who’d love to see Staying Power never get made (including Kickstarter, which refused to host a fundraising campaign in support of the project), which is all the more reason that I’d like to see this documentary be brought to life.

To learn more about Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry, and to donate, click HERE to visit the project’s IndieGoGo page.  And, regardless if you can afford to donate or not, please take a few moments to at least help spread the word about this very worthwhile and important project.  Let’s help get Staying Power made.