Paddy O’Brian to Make “Bottom” Debut with Topher DiMaggio (Update)

Gay porn superstar Paddy O’Brian to get fucked on camera for the first time

Paddy O'Brian Bottoms for Topher DiMaggio

Update: 19 July 2013 – Confirmed!  Topher DiMaggio to top Paddy O’Brian

Yes, Paddy O’Brian really is going to be a bottom and his top really is going to be Topher DiMaggio.  And to make sure there’s absolutely no doubt about it, here’s the SFW promo video from that spells it all out…

Original post: 6 July 2013 – Paddy O’Brian to be bottom for Topher DiMaggio?

Paddy O'Brian Bottoms with Topher DiMaggio

This is Paddy O’Brian getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio. Probably.

Paddy O’Brian is arguably the biggest name in gay porn right now.  One of the things he’s never done on camera, ever, is play the role of a “bottom”.  When it comes to fucking, O’Brian is always the one giving it to the other guy.  However, it’s now being reported that Paddy O’Brian will be receiving anal sex for the first time in his professional career.  And the guy who’s going to be fucking him?  Topher DiMaggio.

News of Paddy O’Brian making his bottoming debut broke last week, when released a teaser picture that showed O’Brian getting fucked by…someone.  The Sword first reported that this “someone” was Rocco Reed.  However, after the above picture was released a few days later, The Sword changed its mind and said that the other guy was not Rocco Reed, but Topher DiMaggio.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Paddy O'Brian

Topher DiMaggio

Those who are regular readers of Die-Screaming know that I don’t normally report on gay porn.  Nothing against it, just not my thing.  However, while I may not be as up on my gay porn as I am on my straight porn, I do know how big of a deal that Paddy O’Brian is.  So when I saw that he would be bottoming for the first time, I decided that I had to report on it.  To quote from the post appearing over on The Sword

Last week, The Sword was the first and only blog to reveal that Paddy O’Brian’s first time getting fucked was with Rocco Reed, and this week, The Sword has another exclusive: Paddy O’Brian’s first time getting fucked is with power top Topher DiMaggio!

Every other blog either doesn’t care, doesn’t know, or is in the pocket of and doesn’t want to get in trouble by spoiling their surprise, so The Sword is proud to be the only one to tell you the TRUTH, even if it means that truth is actually FALSE, which is what happened last week when I said thatPaddy’s top was Rocco Reed. As it happens, I was wrong. Rocco Reed is not Paddy O’Brian’s top, because the top to fuck Paddy O’Brian for the first time is actually Topher DiMaggio.

Paddy O'Brian Makes Bottoming Debut

Paddy O’Brian

So while that’s a bit confusing (“last week we exclusively gave you false information but now here’s the real story that we originally screwed up”), it now does seem clear that Topher DiMaggio will be fucking Paddy O’Brian.  And, yes, this will be Paddy O’Brian’s first time as a bottom.  And while some may be skeptical to believe this report from The Sword, seeing as how they got it wrong once already, its latest update does seem to give some pretty solid evidence that the scene will be with Paddy O’Brian and Topher DiMaggio.

What are your thoughts on Paddy O’Brian giving it up to Topher DiMaggio?

Paddy O'Brian is an English pornstar who has become one of the most popular gay adult film stars. He has signed exclusive performance contracts with Falcon Studios and
DOB: 01/01/1986