Jenna Jameson Arrested (UPDATED!)

Jenna Jameson

By whatever standard you want to go by, Jenna Jameson is the most famous and successful pornstar in the world.  Having retired from performing in 2008, Jameson has remained one of the most searched celebrities on Google and her films continue to sell very well, years after being released.  That being said, she’s having a really shitty weekend.  Jenna Jameson was arrested in Hollywood, California early yesterday morning on suspicion of driving drunk.  She’s since been released from custody, but will face DUI charges.

Shortly after midnight yesterday (5/25), Jenna Jameson slammed her Range Rover into a utility pole.  While Jameson suffered “minor injuries” in the crash, she refused medical treatment.  After given a breathalyzer test, the police arrested her for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  In the 911 call made by an eye witness, the porn goddess could be heard in the background repeatedly screaming, “I’m Jenna Jameson!”  That apparently wasn’t enough to keep her from being handcuffed and placed under arrest.

Jenna Jameson - DUI Arrest

For most of the 1990’s, Jenna Jameson was the hottest name in porn.  Many of her films, including Flashpoint, Starting Over, Deep Inside Jenna Jameson, and I Dream of Jenna, continue to  sell incredibly well, in many cases out performing recent porn releases.  Not content with simply being the biggest pornstar in the world, Jenna went on to found ClubJenna, her online media empire.  At it’s peak, ClubJenna was making over $30 million a year, making Jenna Jameson not only an insanely popular on-screen starlet, but also one of the most powerful personalities in the adult industry.  On top of all that, Jameson has enjoyed a decent amount of mainstream success.  Her book, How to Make Love Like a Pornstar: A Cautionary Tale, was a New York Times bestseller for six weeks.  Additionally, Jenna is an award winning voice actor, having done work on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Family Guy.  And if all of that wasn’t enough, she’s also appeared on several major television shows, highlighting her acting talents.

Will Jenna Jameson be spending any more time in jail?  Probably not.  DUIs, especially for insanely wealthy celebrities, almost never result in much if any jail time.  However, as more information is released about Jenna Jameson and her unfortunate run in with the law (and a pole…), I’ll be sure to keep you up to speed.

Update: 7 April 2013 – Jenna Jameson arrested for assault

Jenna Jameson - Arrested for Assault

Jenna Jameson is in trouble with the law again

Well, Jenna Jameson has been arrested again.  Less than a year after her last arrest for a DUI, Jameson was taken into custody last night for allegedly assaulting someone during one of her pre-birthday celebrations.  She turns 39 on April 9th, although she’s been hosting birthday parties at clubs all over the place since last month.  Details are still kind of sketchy, but what we know is that during some kind of party – or pre-party – Jenna Jameson assaulted someone, who then called the police and put the former pornstar under citizen’s arrest until the authorities showed.

Jenna Jameson - Arrested Again

Jenna Jameson was arrested before attending this “official” birthday party

Apparently, the victim – whose identity is still unknown – was someone who knew Jenna Jameson and was at some sort of pre-party thing with her before she was scheduled to attend an official birthday bash at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County.  After Jameson was arrested, she was booked and eventually released on her own recognizance.  What this means is that while she’s free for the moment, she’ll eventually have to head back to court.  And considering her recent history of running on the wrong side of the law, she may be looking at more than just a fine and some community service this time around.

As more information becomes available on Jenna Jameson and her continued legal troubles, I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed.  In the meantime, take a moment to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Updated: 8 April 2013 – Jenna Jameson speaks out about assaulting her personal assistant

Jenna Jameson Arrested - Social Media War

This story just keeps getting uglier.  We learned that Jenna Jameson was arrested two nights ago for allegedly assaulting someone at one of her birthday bash pre-parties.  The former pornstar was at a party, supposedly attacked someone, and was then placed under citizen’s arrest by the victim until police showed up.  Today, we learned some more details, coming directly from Jenna Jameson herself.  Earlier today, she took to Twitter and posted the following message to her account (she deleted the tweet a short time later for unknown reasons)…

Wow just got robbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and broke into my home and took everything.

The woman mentioned in Jenna Jameson’s tweet, Britney Markham, is Jameson’s personal assistant.  Not willing to sit back and let her boss shit-talk her, Markham went on Instagram and posted a photo of Jenna Jameson’s tweet, along with a comment that read…

NOT TRUE! How could u say that u attacked me and im@in the hospital becouse of u.

Britney Markham then posted a picture showing herself laying in a hospital bed, along with a caption that said…

Jenna Jameson Arrested - Britney Markham in Hospital

This what u did to me and u accuse me of stealing.

At this time, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office has to sort through all of the details – and as you can see there are wildly different sides to this story – to see if there’s enough evidence to press formal charges against Jenna Jameson.  As more information becomes available regarding the arrest of Jenna Jameson, I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.