Jenna Haze Retires From Performing (Video)

Porn superstar Jenna Haze retires from performing

Jenna Haze Retires from Porn

Jenna Haze has announced that she is retiring from performing.  Inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2012 and with her latest film, Jailhouse Heat in 3D, still dominating the Blu-Ray porn charts, Jenna Haze is clearly going out on top of her game.  Her retirement, however, doesn’t mean that she’s walking away from the adult entertainment industry.  Far from it, actually.  Jenna has announced that she’ll be focusing her time and energy into her directing career, filming movies for her production company, Jennaration X Studios.  As you can imagine, news of Jenna Haze retiring from on-screen performances comes as quite the shock to her legion of fans.

In announcing her decision to permanently move from in front to behind the camera, Jenna Haze released the following statement…

“I always said that I would give up performing if I wasn’t going to be into it 100 percent.  Directing is where my heart is now. It’s allowed me to explore a creative side that is different from what performing has offered me. I am very satisfied with what I was able to accomplish in ten years of performing, and now I’m enjoying the challenges of being on the other side of the camera and running my studio.

I’ve always had a very incredible and dedicated fanbase.  I’ve been thrilled with the reception to the movies I’ve directed the past three years and I hope they’ll continue watching what I do at Jennaration X. I’m going to give them every reason to.”

In addition to the above statement, Jenna also released the following video on her Youtube channel


No other performer has, over the past ten years, come close to matching the absolute force of nature that is Jenna Haze.  Her impact on the porn industry is massive and for the past decade she has reined as one of the most successful personalities in the world of adult entertainment.  Her departure from performing will, no doubt, leave a void that will be hard to fill, as there are few performers who can so completely dominate the industry in the same way that she has.  As Jenna Haze steps away from performing and transitions into another aspect of her career, I wish her the best of luck and wish her nothing but the best, a sentiment that I’m sure is shared by many.

Jenna Haze is one of the most popular and successful pornstars of the past decade. Between 2001 and 2012, she appeared in over 500 porn films, won numerous awards, and established her own porn production company, Jennaration X Productions. Jenna Haze retired from performing in 2012.
DOB: 02/22/1982