Digital Sin Releases “The Innocence of Youth 2”

Innocence of Youth 2 - Front Box Cover

These cuties are young and sweet, but far from innocent! Join Jenna J. Ross, Sydnee Taylor, Remy La Croix, and Molly Bennett in another soaking wet episode of sexual debauchery and lost youth. There's over 2 hours of sexy teen domination with lessons of hard cock and multiple orgasms awaiting these sluts at every turn!
Directed by: Eddie Powell
Produced by: Digital Sin
Jenna J. Ross
Remy LaCroix
Molly Bennett
Sidnee Taylor
Mick Blue
Michael Vegas
Mark Ashley
Ramon Nomar

The Innocence of Youth was released this past February and quickly became one of Digital Sin’s best selling porn films of all time.  Directed by Eddie Powell (A Big Dick for a Cutie), the film was fairly groundbreaking in that it featured no spoken dialogue and had had a focus on elegant delivering an elegant, high quality, super-premium feel about it.  In short, it was one of the best looking porn films to have been released in a long while and, as evidenced by its sales success, fans absolutely loved it.  Now, based on the massive popularity achieved from the first film, Digital Sin has released the sequel; The Innocence of Youth 2.

Innocence of Youth 2 - Back Box Cover

Like the first Innocence of Youth film, the sequel continues the tradition of not having any dialogue to help move the plot along.  Obviously, this presents a bit of a challenge for Eddie Powell.  Here’s what he had to say about that and how it affected his casting choices…

Because the film is shot without any dialogue, I needed to find younger performers who knew how to emote through body language and facial expressions. Women who intuitively understood the dynamics of the story and could go with it.

As you can see from the plot synopsis above, The Innocence of Youth 2 doesn’t star any adult superstars, but does showcase the talents of four up and coming young women.  Remy La Croix, Sydnee Taylor, Molly Bennett, and Jenna J. Ross all look absolutely stunning in the above trailer.  Additionally, director Eddie Powell has once again brought his “A” game in terms of cinematography and super high-quality video production.  The trailer gives the impression of a film that is rich and vibrant, at least matching (if not surpassing) the quality of the original Innocence of Youth.

The Innocence of Youth 2 is now available for purchase at fine adult stores everywhere (or through the link at the top of this post…).  What are your thoughts on this new film from Eddie Powell and Digital Sin?  Let us know in the comments below.