20 Jiggly Boob GIFs You Must See Before You Die

A look at 20 of the best animated boob GIFs around

Jiggly Boobs - Hands Behind Head

Boobs are pretty amazing.  I’m pretty sure that we can all agree on that, regardless of our politics.  Just looking at a great set of tits is often enough to turn a bad day into a good day.  I’m not sure what it is, but there seems to be a part of a man’s brain (and many women’s brains) that simply takes over and will refuse you to look away when in the presence of a pair of breasts.  So, to that end, I’ve taken the time to look for, find, and share twenty of the very best animated boob GIFs.

Jiggly Boobs - Bounce

Jiggly Boobs - Breakout

Jiggly Boobs - Extra Hands

Jiggly Boobs - Happy Dance

Jiggly Boobs - Juggling

Jiggly Boobs - Laying Down

Jiggly Boobs - Lucy Collett

Jiggly Boobs - Nipple Pinch

Jiggly Boobs - Oiled Up

Jiggly Boobs - Pink Bra

Jiggly Boobs - Shake and Lift

Jiggly Boobs - Slap

Jiggly Boobs - Slide Down

Jiggly Boobs - Squeeze

Jiggly Boobs - Surprise

Jiggly Boobs - Tap and Shake

Jiggly Boobs - Towel Dry

Jiggly Boobs -Wet Boobs

Where did I find all of these animated boob GIFs?

All of the above tit GIFs were found on Tumblr.  As that site is absolutely chock full of all sorts of porn, it really wasn’t all that hard to find them.  I did, however, spend a decent amount of time sorting through the search results, only picking out the ones that stood out in terms of quality.  Because I’m willing to spend the extra time making sure only the very best GIFs were used for this post.  And because boobs.

For anyone looking to find more of these types of animated boob GIFs on Tumblr, I suggest using the search terms of “jiggly boobs” or “bouncy boobs”.  You could, if you wanted, search just for “boobs” or “tits”, but you will find a lot more regular JPEG images as opposed to the GIFs that jiggle and shake.  Regardless of how you search for boobs on Tumblr, though, I think you’ll find there’s quite a bit to look at.  Try not to lose your day in the process…because it very well could happen.

On another note, as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any type of copyright restrictions on any of the above GIFs.  However, if that isn’t the case and you happen to be the owner of the copyright to one or more of these images, just send me an email and let me know.  I’ll gladly remove anything that shouldn’t be here.

Are you looking for the best boobs in porn?

I ask that because, as it happens, I have a post about that, too.  And it’s pretty popular.  You can (and probably should) check it out.  It’s titled (simply enough) Who Has the Best Boobs in Porn? and is consistently one of the most popular posts on Die-Screaming.  And, yes, it also contains lots of pretty pictures.  Of boobs.

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    Wish we could idenity some of these girls, mainly the last one and nipple pinch