Bonnie Rotten Stars in Rambone XXX Porn Parody

Bonnie Rotten plays “Rambone” in DreamZone parody

Bonnie Rotten - Rambone XXX

Bonnie Rotten stars in Rambone XXX

DreamZone Entertainment is preparing to release Rambone XXX, a porn parody based on the classic Rambo: First Blood movie.  In a surprising casting decision, Bonnie Rotten plays the lead role as John Rambo.  The porn parody – which is filled with hardcore sex and machine guns – is directed by Jordan Septo and is scheduled to be released later this year.  And while it may be a few months before we see the final product, the idea of Bonnie Rotten taking on the role of Rambo is pretty exciting.

For those that haven’t seen the original First Blood movie, allow me to give you a quick recap.  A loner Vietnam War veteran named John Rambo (played by Sylvester Stallone) drifts into a small town looking to reunite with one of his war buddies.  Unfortunately, his buddy has since died of cancer.  But wait,it gets worse.  The sheriff of the town is a world class asshole and harrasses Rambo to the point that Rambo loses his mind, has a bunch of Vietnam flashbacks, and ends up killing pretty much the entire police department, taking on the National Guard in the process.  The only thing that stops his killing spree is when Rambo’s old commanding officer shows up and orders Rambo to stand down.

The idea of having Bonnie Rotten play the role of Rambo is interesting on many levels.  One of the most classic testosterone-fueled action movies of all time, having a woman take on the starring role in the porn parody instantly puts a whole new spin on the story.  Additionally, at some levels, the casting of Bonnie Rotten as Rambo also serves as a tip of the hat to the increasing number of US female war veterans.  And, yes, who doesn’t want to see Ms. Rotten using an M60 machine gun to slay her way through a small army of her enemies?

In talking about the making of Rambone XXX, director Jordan Septo talked a bit about the work that went into it and on the performance delivered by Bonnie Rotten, saying in an interview posted over at XBIZ

“Filming was a lot of fun,” Septo told XBIZ. “There were a lot of toys we got to play with that day. Besides the knife, we got to use hand guns and automatic weapons like in the original.” He also mentioned that the entire cast was decked out in authentic military and law enforcement attire.

In addition to Rotten, the film stars Christy Mack, Kendall Karson, Brianna Brooks, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce, Ryan Mclane and Seth Gamble.

Septo conceded that while all the performers gave excellent performances, Rotten and Mclane “really stole the show” with their anal scene. “She really delivered with her multiple orgasms and constant squirting,” he added.

No word yet on when DreamZone plans on releasing Rambone XXX, but as more news becomes available I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed.  In the meantime, take a moment to share your thoughts on Bonnie Rotten playing Rambo in the comments below.

Rambone XXX: A DreamZone Parody
A loner war veteran drifts into a small town and ends up going to war against the police department after the Sheriff decides to run Rambo out of town.
Directed by: Jordan Septo
Produced by: Adam Hasner
Bonnie Rotten
Christy Mack
Ryan Mclane
Kendall Karson
Brianna Brooks
Tommy Pistol
Derrick Pierce
Seth Gamble