Ava Van Rose – The First Major Irish Porn Star?

Irish model Ava Van Rose wants to become a pornstar

Ava Van Rose - Irish Pornstar

Ava Van Rose

Ava Van Rose wants to be the next big pornstar.  Already a model and sex writer for The College Times, Van Rose is now gunning to become Ireland’s first major porn actress.  In preparation for such a career move, she plans on getting a boob job in the near future.  The transition from little known model to bigtime pornstar isn’t necessarily an easy thing to pull off.  Can Ava Van Rose actually pull it off and become the biggest Irish pornstar ever?

She certainly seems confident.  In an interview with The Irish Sun, Ava Van Rose talked about wanting to move into porn and why she thinks she could be successful at it, saying…

I’ve been offered roles in lots of porn movies and videos and people are constantly getting in touch with me to ask if I’ve ever considered porn. Until now it’s not something I thought much about, but it might be an avenue I’ll go down in future.

I’m getting another boob job in August, so after that I’ll think about it properly.

“I’m currently a 32E bra size, but I’m going up three or four cup sizes to a 32GG so it will be a big change. But I’m all about breaking down barriers and trying new things so ‘Ireland’s first porn star’, why not? I like the sound of that.

Ava Van Rose - Pornstar Model

Since being profiled in the Irish Sun and becoming the resident sex-advice writer for The College Times, Ava Van Rose’s popularity has been exploding.  And while she’s not yet a household name, she does seem to have a good start.  Her Facebook page is “liked” by nearly 8,000 people.  To put that in perspective, Remy LaCroix – one of the hottest new porn stars in the industry – has about 12,000 likes on Facebook.  And then there’s a porn legend like Jesse Jane, who has over 171,000 likes.

So can Ava Van Rose become Ireland’s first pornstar?  Definitely maybe.  She obviously already has the looks.  And after her boobs, which are already pretty big, get even bigger, maybe her chances at success increase as well.  A lot also depends on what kind of connections she’s able to make with some of the bigger adult film studios.  For example, getting a role in a movie produced by Elegant Angel or Vivid would be a sure sign that she’s able to become a major star within the industry.

What are your thoughts on Ava Van Rose wanting to become Ireland’s first pornstar?

Ava Van Rose
Ava Van Rose is an Irish model who has ambitions to become Ireland's first major pornstar.
DOB: 08/05/1989